Making high quality evident, valuable and accessible for all organizations.

Brightest Values

We Love Quality

We love quality.┬áIt’s in our DNA. Quality is always remembered long after the price is forgotten.

We also believe that every IT project can be delivered in time, scope, budget and at a high quality! Every software at high quality increases customer-experience.


Software Testing

We gather software testing knowledge in a community of technical and experienced specialists.

We have a strong focus on trends and innovation and its challenges on ICT teams. To be on top of things, you should lead and never follow.

Brightest Automation

Test Automation

Our consultants know the leading test management and test automation tools in the market. Next to that we have a clear portfolio of open-source and low cost automation tools that fit your business and budget.

Check also our custom build, low cost framework on


How we work

We work with you, tailor made on your needs as an independent software-testing partner.

We excel on delivery, breathe a can-do mentality and handle your business as it is our own.

Brightest Consultants

Bright Consultants

Brightest is an employer that believes in self-development, entrepreneurship and an open culture throughout the whole company.

Everyone at Brightest is screened on expertise and personality. We highly value integrity, trust and respect. And a can-do mentality!

Engaged people are happier, contribute more, deliver faster and better.

Brightest Solutions


We have a few tricks up our sleeves, but at the end of the day, you know your business best. Let us sit together and work out an approach that works for you!

Send your question(s) to and we’ll get in contact soon to listen to your story.