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What we aim for

Qualitative software as a basis for first time right digitalization

Our aim

Qualitative software as a basis for first time right digitalization


You don’t need a bazooka
to kill a fly.

Test Automation visual

Test Automation

Software test automation is one of our core competences. Our community of technical consultants are experts in a wide range of test automation tools for automating web, desktop and mobile applications, APIs and mainframes (commercial tools as well as open-source libraries).

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Performance Testing

Performance testing is the practice of determining how applications, hardware, networks, databases, … will perform under a particular workload. The main goal is to improve speed, scalability, stability and reliability. 

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A BrightScan is a highly effective assessment executed by a specialist to obtain an objective analysis of your current software quality organisation. It allows you to improve your organisation’s test maturity and time to market, while reducing quality costs.

flex testing

Flex testing

As the digital revolution keeps evolving, IT-departments tend to struggle more and more with time- and budget restrictions. When unforeseen circumstances (illness, vacation, go-live) arise companies often have a need for fast & temporary test capacity. Flex testing provides an ideal solution in these situations.

ERP Testing overview

ERP testing

EaaP/ ERP testing is an automation-driven quality approach focused on integrating and deploying any ERP solution First Time Right.

security testing

Security Testing

Applications need to be secure and protect their users’ data. Our security testers perform a security audit using a vulnerability scanner, and then digs deeper manually, to test all common vulnerabilities in the OWASP Top 10. 


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