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12 Sep
What is the status of your software quality?

If I were to ask you this question in person today, what would your answer be? Clearly, there is some doubt about what exactly is meant by software quality. We have created a simple flowchart to help you visualize software quality and to determine whether you’re on the good side of the software quality matrix. 

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01 Sep
Technical Thursday
Insecure Design

A lack of preparation during the design phase of applications often results in an increase of vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are part of a new category in the OWASP Top 10 ‘Insecure Design’.

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29 Jun
test automation framework visual
Waarom wij besloten er zelf één te ontwikkelen

Een term die de laatste tijd nogal snel in de mond wordt genomen is een “Test Automation Framework”, maar wat is het nu eigenlijk een Test Automation Framework? Waarom gebruiken we dit? Wat zijn de voordelen, en zijn er ook nadelen aan verbonden? 

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02 Jun
Technical Thursday
Playwright, a new competitor for web automation

Playwright by Microsoft is the newest addition to the Headless Browser Testing frameworks. It is built by the same team which created Puppeteer, the headless browser testing framework for Google Chrome.

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05 May
Technical Thursday
Agile automated testing

Agile allows you to deliver new features faster and more efficiently. But how can we assure the quality of those new features?

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13 Apr
Untitled design (7)-min
Brightest, a Great Place To Work!

Met dank aan onze fantastische #brightcrew mogen we ons sinds maart officieel a Great Place To Work noemen. Oh yes, We’re Certified! En daar zijn we geweldig trots op. #aimhigh 

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07 Apr
Technical Thursday
Page Object Model: Healthy code makes healthy tests

Automation frameworks are gaining popularity as a solution for automating complex applications. One of the main problems using a scripted automation framework is maintenance. The Page Object Model (POM) creates a layer of abstraction between the automated tests and the page under test.

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04 Apr
Untitled design (1)

Op 1 april vierden we de tweede verjaardag van Brightest East, in mei is het feest in Brightest West voor hun eerste levensjaar. Tijd voor een interview met de regionale managers Thomas Peeters en Stef Geeurickx van Brightest West en David Vandingenen en Kevin Pieters van Brightest East.

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16 Mar
Anonymous person
Different roles under the mask

Since mid-January Belgian Friday night equals “masked singer-night”; a tv-show where celebrities are hidden inside beautiful costumes, the audience needs to guess who’s inside and every week one “character” is unmasked. This made me think, what about the character “software tester”? The name implies a clear role, but reality is different. A software tester has many roles hidden under its mask, let us explore!

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