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09 Jan
Rewind & Fast forward

Things are evolving fast. And this had and will continue to have a tremendous impact on software testing. We are wondering what this could look like in the year 2030. So, we thought it would be interesting to give a short recap of the last 10 years and fast forward to 2030 and look back from there!

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05 Dec
TestProject, competition for Katalon Studio?

Recently version 7 of Katalon Studio was released, which unfortunately included a licensing model. There are many other free and open-source solutions, but which one is capable of replacing Katalon Studio? Well, TestProject might be the one.

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26 Nov
Black Friday 2019
Countdown to #blackfriday

Now in a global market with growing E-commerce importance, these black Fridays are a challenge. More shoppers are leaving their cars in the garage and buy online. So the question for companies is whether their website or application is up for the job, how to prevent it from slowing down or even crashing.

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14 Nov
Bright Superhero
A day at the brightest side of life

 The brightest side of life De 2de pet die ik opzet is die van professional in een IT consultancy bedrijf gespecialiseerd in software testing. In een professionele context is software kwaliteit van nog groter belang. We constateren regelmatig dat het testen van software geen prioriteit krijgt binnen bedrijven of soms uitgesteld wordt tot op...

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07 Nov
Elastic logo

A closer look at Elastic, a company founded in 2012 and located in Amsterdam. Best known for their ELK stack or Elastic stack (used by eBay, Wikipedia, Uber, Netflix….). ELK stands for the open source trio Elasticsearch, Logistash and Kibana. 

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24 Oct
The proof of the SAP is in the drinking*

Get to know what SAP testing is, which skills you need and how this form of testing differs from software application testing.

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09 Oct
Artificial Intelligence in de praktijk
Onze Bright Night Practical Artificial Intelligence in 6 takeaways!

Begin Oktober hadden we Jan Van De Poel op bezoek als keynote speaker. "Een energieke jonge man, die de uitdaging wou aangaan om met een vrij techie publiek de laatste stand van zaken betreffende toepassingen met Artificial Intelligence te delen."

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07 Oct
ISTQB Brightest
Brightest is accredited ISTQB® Foundation Level (CTFL) 2018 training provider!

Our 2-day course will give you a general introduction on software testing and is the perfect preparation for the new ISTQB® Foundation Level 2018-version exam. (pass rate of 95%)

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13 Sep
Vier afgestudeerden over het eerste SwITch traject

Liefst 800 kandidaten schreven zich in om deel te nemen aan het SwITch-traject van Brightest. Het initiatief wil high potentials zonder IT-diploma opleiden tot volwaardige technische consultants in softwarekwaliteit. Vier kandidaten haalden de selectie en rondden het traject succesvol af.

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