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12 Sep
Beyond PageObjects, the Screenplay Pattern

Initially the Page Object Model, or POM, was introduced as a recommendation to help test automators to build their tests. It suggests a simple structure to avoid early maintenance problems.  In a lot of situations this approach will be more than satisfiable.  But what if it is not?  Is there a valuable alternative to the...

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27 Aug
Bright Night – Practical Artificial Intelligence

Starting from the definitions of AI, machine learning and deep learning, Jan Van de Poel explains the capabilities and possibilities of the current state of the art during our next Bright Night.

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12 Aug
An introduction to POM (Page Object Model)

POM is a design pattern which is implemented as a Selenium best practice for reducing code duplication and enhancing test maintenance.

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04 Jul
6 (wrong) reasons to not hire testers

Like it or not, all software has bugs. But we become less and less tolerant of them, since there are more than enough competitors out there willing to “help” the annoyed user with their new software or app.

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06 Jun
Insomnia, not just another API client

Insomnia is a powerful cross-platform REST API client which is very easy to use and has a well thought-out and user-friendly UI.

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04 Jun
Flyer Bright Night Attentia
QA and the agile transformation: 3 things to remember

QA and the agile transformation: 3 things to remember

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04 Apr
NEOLOAD vs OCTOPERF: a comparison

In a market where performance testing is becoming increasingly important, we will have a closer look at two tools tailored to the job. Neoload and Octoperf. Both the SaaS load testing solutions.

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03 Apr
Brightest trekt ervaren talent aan om groei te versterken

Joke Gijsbrechts (37) en Stef Geeurickx (43) versterken het team van Brightest als unitmanagers. Samen met Frederique De Winter (40) brengen ze meer dan vijftig jaar testervaring rond de tafel. ‘Deze investering in toptalent onderstreept onze ambitie om de nummer één te zijn in testing', zegt managing partner Koen De Wilde.

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28 Mar
Brightest opens offices in Ghent

Brightest was founded in 2016 and employs over 50 Software Quality consultants today. And we are still investing in growth. In order to provide our customers and our staff with first-rate service, we decided to open an additional office space in Ghent.

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