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You grow a tree

Brightest is growing. In 2020 we opened our first regional office in Genk. This time we are heading towards Ghent. Regional managers, Stef & Thomas, will give you a short introduction on who they are and why their new west side story!

Regional approach explained

Extra credit for regional prospects

Each region has its own habits and customs. The connection/vibe with a specific region is of big importance for us. We want a continuous focus on individuality and identity. How can we respond as effectively as possible to what our customers want? Right, by being as close as possible to them.

Attract regional talent

This local anchoring is also an added value for our employees. We give our consultants the opportunity to work closer to home and create an environment where they can develop themselves together with locals. Especially today it’s very clear that people prefer by far to work in their own region. When candidates see that there is an office nearby, the step to applying is taken more quickly than when they see that the office is located in Brussels for example.

Corporate social responsibility, that's serious business.

We want to do the right thing; for you (our customer), for us (our employees) and for our planet. So that turned out to be the perfect basis for this “plant a tree”-campagne. Our partner in crime for this launch is B-woods, a company that plants trees and creates ecosystems that make a significant difference in our environment.

Practically what will happen is the following. You choose a tree (before may 21th) and B-woods will make sure it’s planted here in Belgium (Dendermonde or Opwijk). If the pandemic is under control we’ll look into the possibility to organize a “plant event” somewhere between October & February, more info will follow later. Either way, a nice picture of this bright green paradise will follow!


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The pedunculate oak is also called the “king of the trees”. That is easy to understand when you see this guy with his gnarled branches. They hold up the crown of the “king”.

This tree is found all over our country, especially in forests, parks and along roads. It needs a lot of light and grows best in moist, nutritious soil. Oaks can get very old, 400 to 500 years is not uncommon, and very high (+ 30m). Our oldest oaks are about 600 years old but in other countries Oaks of up to 1000 years are known . Oak wood is hard and strong. It is light brown in color and is used, among other things, for lock gates, parquet floors, thresholds and furniture. In the past, ships were also built from it.


Winterlinde blad

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The leaves of the Common Linden are beautiful: heart-shaped, fresh green in the summer and cheerful yellow in the fall. Once on the ground, they do an tremendously good job: lime leaves digest very easily and quickly add nutrients to the soil.

According to popular belief, the lime was a sacred tree, which protected the farmers against evil. Limes have been used as a shade tree since the ancient Greeks and Romans. The soft lime wood is ideal for cutting and turning work. Because it does not warp, it’s wood is still used for soundboards and keys of pianos and organs.


Es blad

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The Ash, Fraxinus excelsior, is easy to recognize by its feather-shaped leaves and black bud scales. The word excelsior means higher, better, great and mighty, which refers to the appearance of the tree. Its regular branching and openness make it a pleasant climbing tree that is loved by children.

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