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About last night - Bright Night 4

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About last night – Bright Night 4

Posted by: Koen
Category: Business

So about last night...

Gáspár Nagy flew in from Budapest to give us an overview on how to write better BDD scenarios.

BDD, or Behaviour Driven Development is an agile development technique that improves collaboration between technical and non-­technical members of the team, by exploring the problem using examples. These examples then get turned into executable specifications, often called ‘scenarios’. The scenarios should be easy to read by all team members, but writing them expressively is harder than it looks.

Gáspár gave us a quick overview of the BDD approach to see what information we need in order to write good scenarios and how to obtain those.

Afterwards, a limited audience joined a workshop about BDD.


It was a fantastic Bright Night and all attendees got a deck of Planning Poker Cards!

Are you interested in a card deck yourself?

Drop us an email on (about 15 decks left)