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About the WHY (1/3)

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About the WHY (1/3)

Posted by: Koen
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About the WHY (1/3)

About the why

After 5 months of hard work, I decided to take a small step back and have another look at why we do the things we do. It all started with the idea that we were able to make a difference and be brightest in what we do. The moment our ideas became reality our focus and energy was going to hundreds of things you need to do when starting a new company. For a moment there, we almost lost track of the why.

Now it’s time to take a small step back and summarize!


Why Brightest?

This question actually comes down to what we stand for as a company and why we started Brightest initially. What is it that makes us so bright?


  1. We are an independent company that listens to its customers

Being an independent organization has the advantage that we don’t feel the need to push standardized methods or expensive test tools down your throat. We sit down and listen to our customers, analyze their need and adapt known methods to be as efficient and cost effective as possible. Testing is an investment, but that doesn’t mean the ROI has to take forever.

For many starting companies, software testing often is seen as a cost for the future. But we are sure we can find the right strategy for any company to find the most efficient way to work together and guard their software quality.

Feel triggered to find out what and how? Simply contact us and we will have a look at what suits your needs.


  1. We have the (b)right people

Tomorrow, we expect our customers to request even more for skilled and multi-functional expert tester-developer-analyst-manager consultants.

Today at Brightest we are focusing on hiring people with advanced technical skills, developers that have an analytical mindset and a heart for quality. People that are able to future proof software testing.

Besides technical specialists, there will always be a need for skilled test managers to bring a structured best fit approach in more challenging environments or experienced testers that can make a difference in many other environments.


  1. We are specialists

One of the strengths of Brightest today is that we focus on 1 expert domain.

Bringing software test experts together has an accelerating effect on knowledge and will lead to innovation. It gives us the ability to lead and never follow. While many small, medium and large organizations nowadays are evolving towards Agile development, DevOps, Continuous Integration, we have built our organization to be ready for the future.


— Pieter