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About the WHY (3/3)

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About the WHY (3/3)

Posted by: Koen
Category: Business

About the WHY (3/3) - why be(come) a software tester?

As final chapter to the ‘why’ of Brightest, I would like to give you at least 3 good reasons why you should be(come) a software test professional.

Why be a software tester?

Making the choice to become a software test professional is not that obvious. However, at Brightest we believe it’s one of the most exciting roles to have when you are a multi-skilled individual.

Brightest professional


Our personal top 3 of reasons why to become a test professional:

  1. You are more than just an IT professional

As a software test professional, we often see that technical skills are not all you need. Instead, you get in contact with so many different people – all with a different point of view – that you need to have good analytical and well developed people skills.

You also need to understand how business processes work, how projects are managed and how requirements are formulated. You need to be able to communicate, plan and report in different ways, presenting your findings to several stakeholders. You need the ability to formulate problems to people without stepping on their toes.

At Brightest we want you to think, act and feel involved with the business of our customers.


  1. There is a lot of variety in what you can do

You can be a test automation specialist, a performance maniac, a highly skilled functional tester, a test manager or a passionate trainer. During a career, we believe that the basic skills you need as test professional, can be applied in different ways.

It can be motivating to get out of your comfort zone now and then, but it can be a thrill to master something that you love doing. That’s why at Brightest, we beg our people to do what they love doing the most.


  1. It doesn’t take ages to make a career

If you are eager to evolve, to have the feeling you are making solid progress in your career, there is no better specialty compared to software testing. Software testing today is still a niche market, with a lot of un-explored territory. With all the above mentioned variety, it’s needless to say that you can quickly grow towards a role that contains the responsibilities that you are comfortable with.

At Brightest we believe in being an accelerator for our employees during their careers. People that want to learn quickly and willing to go the extra mile are encouraged.


— Pieter