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Are you the Software Test Entrepreneur we’re looking for?

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Are you the Software Test Entrepreneur we’re looking for?

Posted by: Koen
Category: Business

Do you want to be on top of things?

Are you that person that not only believes in lifelong learning, but also aspires right now learning? Are you willing to define the future of software testing and be on top of things?

Tomorrow is agile. Continuously integrating quality in an efficient way is key. But who knows what the day after tomorrow will bring? A lifetime career at Brightest, will never get boring.

If you are an experienced software testing expert, automator or manager, or believe you can become one: join Brightest and…

  • You will not be treated as an employee, but you will be considered an entrepreneur.
  • You will be intensively coached to help you get passed tomorrow’s challenges.
  • You will be nudged to exceed your limits.
  • You will work together and learn from the best.
  • You will be forced out of your comfort zone and become a better person.
  • In case of success you will be rewarded with honor and recognition.

Are you up for the challenge?

You have a higher education or university degree, preferably IT or technical background or equivalent by experience?

But most of all: you have the right attitude?

Apply by sending your CV & 3 interesting facts about yourself to, and become part of our Bright community.

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BRIGHT people

Believe     … Believe they can make a difference

Right        … Actively use the Right side of the brain for creativity & emotional intelligence

IQ             … Have proven intelligence

Great       … Make Good become Great

H2H        … Invest in Human 2 Human communication

Test         … Are software testing experts