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Bright Night – Practical Artificial Intelligence

Posted by: Liene
Category: Business

Starting from the definitions of AI, machine learning and deep learning, Jan Van de Poel explains the capabilities and possibilities of the current state of the art during our next BrightNight. Jan debunks some hardcore myths and shows us step by step how machines learn – without losing ourselves in the details. 

Jan founded Zero to Singularity to teach and research practical applications of deep learning, making it more accessible, understandable and applicable. He is currently working on a no code, actionable computer vision solution. Jan co-founded Flow Pilots and has been helping enterprises with their mobile and digital experiences. He is a Xamarin user from the very early days, and was already training neural networks over a decade ago. Jan will give you some practical considerations to apply AI in our own organization.

Register now to save your spot for his talk on Artificial Intelligence. You can have a drink and network with like minded people before and after the presentation. Tickets are free of charge. The presentation is given in Dutch.


18h30: Welcome + food
19h30: Presentation
20h30: Network & drinks