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First Bright Night!

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First Bright Night!

Posted by: Koen
Category: Business

Zeger Van Hese

On Thursday 16th of March, Brightest opens its doors to the world!

Meet our new generation of software testers, learn from Zeger Van Hese (‘The power of doubt’) who has proven to be one of the greatest minds in belgian Testing business, enjoy a refreshing glass of water served by the first and only water sommelier in Belgium or simply enjoy tasty food and a good talk to equally minded people.

Nils Segers - Water Sommelier


Nils Segers is one of the few officially certified watersommeliers, of the Benelux

(he’s the one in the middle, two on the side were his great German teachers).


​Nils: “I’m a huge water enthusiast, believing drinking water is one of the most thrilling things on earth. Oh yeah, I do love water!”

He likes to share the excitement and inspires you to drink and enjoy water everyday!