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International Women's Day

Why more women should work in software testing

Posted by: Eva
Category: Business, Test leadership & expertise
On the 8th of March we celebrate women all over the world on International Women’s day. Sometimes with presents like flowers, rosé cava and goodie boxes (whether they like it or not, a girl can only give so many hints). By the way, on the 19th of November it’s the men’s turn! We’ll try to devote some attention to that joyful day too and maybe buy presents like beer, whiskey and socks (because we’re also out of inspiration). Anyway, there’s probably a good reason why we tend to pay more attention to the Women’s day, because it’s still needed.

So today, we talk about the ladies, who are still – sadly enough – underrepresented in the technology industry. We will be frank, with this blog we hope to seduce them to work in the technology sector. And more specifically lure them towards a career in Software Testing, by using some typical clichés about women.

Note: we tried our very best not to judge the clichés themselves, even though we totally disagree with most of them of course.

Here we go, women are…

1. Looking for stability

There’s always employment to be found in ICT. Of course, this isn’t a good reason to choose for a career in this sector, but hey, money makes the world go around. IT specialist is one of most demanded jobs in worldwide. With the current – mainly male – potential employees, we will never be able to fill all these vacancies.

2. Bossing men around

We’re in luck ladies! There are more men than women in IT, so chances are you’ll be able to boss some of them around 😉. Even more so when you choose for a career in Software Testing, which brings us to the next cliché…

3. Critical and nit-pickers

Perfect! Software Testing gives us women a free pass for being critical and nit-pickers. Because in this profession, we need you to be critical. Everything must be just right. We love the hunt for things out of balance and setting them straight, don’t we? So, if you recognize yourself in this description, don’t hesitate! Together with our feminine charm and flair for diplomacy while delivering the ‘bad’ news.

4. Good at interior decoration

Oh, the colourful post-it wall. We can go total loss on that, yay! Certainly in this day and age where scrum drawing or sketching is hot and trendy. Try to keep it lean and clean though.

5. Shopaholics

As a Software Tester you might be assigned to test a webshop (sometimes you even receive a reduction on your own orders). Perks of the job! But, even if you don’t, you can still shop till you drop without spending actual money 😁! Make sure not to test with your own credit card, though . You never know if the test environment is accidently linked to the real live (production) online payment solution, ouch!

Ofcourse there are dozens of other reasons why you should aspire a career in Software Testing. So just do IT!

Written by Joke Gijsbrechts