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Investing in learning pays off

Posted by: Eva
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It may be hard to believe, but there are still people who are sceptical about investment in learning. Let us not treat them as ignorant. Instead, let us bring them into the light and help them to see the value that continued learning can bring to themselves and their organisation.

Workplaces aren’t populated exclusively by career development people. Other professionals, e.g. in the fields of operations or finance, may look at the cold, hard numbers being spent on training and not always see its true value.

Even more so for the rapidly-evolving technology sector within which software testing / QA becomes increasingly important. It evolves so quickly that today’s solutions and systems can become tomorrow’s obsolete ‘legacy’ technologies quicker than anyone could predict. While learning different technologies we may discover that what we learned a few months ago is now irrelevant, because the technology and business landscapes have shifted, again.

Invest in learning

Often businesses forget to calculate the high business costs of not learning. Investment in learning is not purely a cost, with negligible return on investment (ROI), it’s a huge benefit. So, it’s important, when talking about investments in learning, to emphasise on its ROI and link it to true business values.

The age of continuous digital development we live in now is as exciting as it is challenging. Constant innovations are providing more and more organisations with an opportunity to embrace cutting-edge products and grow in previously impossible directions. Pretty much every company has a digital footprint now, whether it’s as simple as a social media presence or as complex as designing their own custom ERP. However all this technology does bring with it some challenges, and staffing is number one on that list. The increasing demand for talented tech employees is widely predicted to become a crisis if not addressed in the near future.

Fostering an atmosphere where the workforce is continually developing is a way to future-proof your organisation.

Fostering an atmosphere where the workforce is continually developing is a way to future-proof your organisation. The ability to adopt fresh technology or processes is easier when you have a squad keen to learn new things and embrace a new platform.

A sustainable competitive advantage

To keep up with this increasingly rapid pace of changes, employees need to continually develop new knowledge and skills to enable their organisation to compete effectively. Successful people and organisations already know they must continuously learn and look for ways to improve themselves. There are always new skills and techniques to adopt, certainly within the world of technology and software testing / QA. It’s simple, if you don’t invest in learning, you’ll lose out.

For individuals, learning helps to broaden their horizons and improve self-development. New knowledge may enable them to identify new opportunities for their organisation, or identify more efficient ways of working. Also, following (external) courses expands your network, including potential new customers.

So, it’s fair to say that the ability to adapt and learn faster than your competitors is the only sustainable competitive advantage.

Make learning a part of your culture

Learning new things can be tough but, the more ambitious goals we set, the happier we are, especially when we achieve them. Happier people are more productive and engaged. They stay longer with their organisation, because they feel valued by the investments in their development. This directly reduces an organisation’s recruitment, selection and on-boarding costs.

People who’ve acquired new knowledge or skills can pass on that information to others. One of the best feelings is inspiring others by teaching them what you’ve learned.

True, because of learning new things, employees become more valuable and attractive to other organisations. However, by the same argument, they become more valuable – that is more efficient, effective and productive – to their own organisation. And as they are happier and more engaged, this side-effect should not be any problem at all, on the contrary! It’s an organisation’s responsibility to sufficiently interest, encourage and motivate wanted employees to stay working for them, and not take their knowledge and skills elsewhere.

Brightest Academy

At Brightest learning and development is not seen as a deliberate choice or investment, its a natural process embedded in our DNA, based on the belief that as a company, we can only be successful when our employees are happy, motivated, and continuously kept up to date with the latest QA and technology trends. It starts at on-boarding (swITch) and never ends (acceleration track)!

Brightest Academy is our way of sharing all that knowledge and expertise with our customers and partners. Enabling them to choose the right learning track for their employees and drive engagementproductivity and efficiency within their organisation.

Written by Joke Gijsbrechts, Senior test expert, Domain manager & Academy lead.

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