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Software testing isn’t dead

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Software testing isn’t dead

Posted by: Koen
Category: Business

Software testing is changing

More than a year ago, we started out with an idea, a dream, a hope. Building a company that holds all the good we’ve learned over the past decades and in meantime an organization that is ready for the future, and being great in what we do: taking care of software quality.

Specializing was the best decision ever. It allows us to focus and really be on top of things. We have the ability to focus on what we are good at and forget about the rest. It simply allows us to be good at what we do and that’s motivating for all our Bright community.

It’s true that software testing – and software in general – has evolved gigantically over the past few years. Suddenly we see customers requiring other types of testers. People that combine excellent soft skills with technical knowledge and the ability to manage and dive into technical subjects at the same time. Belgium has gone agile. Finally.

I sometimes spend my time reading articles concerning the future of this and that. Somehow, I can’t seem to shake of the idea that a lot of those articles forget about one thing: it wasn’t all that bad in the past. It’s true that with all the new technologies, the Internet Of Things and the ability to be in the cloud, we need more and different knowledge.

But the core of software testing hasn’t changed. It’s still an ongoing process – movement even – within every step of the organization. Quality will never be achieved solely by trusting on new technology or even continuous delivery. Those companies or development teams that do not have the attitude nor the process to work in a qualitative way, will always end up delivering top notch, state-of-the-art, rubbish.

It is our mission to help other organizations with this challenge. And how we do that is quite simple actually : by listening to our customers, by showing real interest into their challenges and by selling them real value. No bullshit, simply hard work and focused knowledge. We
urge our sales people to really learn our business, to not only learn the names of our consultants, but also to understand what they are capable of. That’s the only way to make it really work.

I’ve read a lot of interesting opinions lately and spoke to a lot of great people with a shared vision. It has only convinced me even more, that the core of what we do, will never really change. Software testing will always have its value. I’m happy to discuss, maybe at our next event?