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What is the status of your software quality?

Posted by: Berte Verhoeven
Category: Business
If we were to ask you this question in person today, what would your answer be?We do not build our own digital applications.”  “We have no issues with any of our digital applications (operations or production).”  “We implemented a new  CRM, do I need to consider that when discussing software quality?”Clearly, there is some doubt about what exactly is meant by software quality. We have  created a simple flowchart to help you visualize software quality and to determine whether you’re on the good side of the software quality matrix. 

Software quality is a matter of all 

There is software everywhere, whether your company uses accounting software, develops software, or bakes chocolate cookies. The quality of software is therefore important to you and your company. In the following flowchart, you will see 4 possible outcomes regarding the quality of your software. We’ll discuss each one in detail. 

1. Software quality specialist

Winner winner chicken dinner, you’re a pro (luckily)! It’s a matter of life and death when you develop digital applications in-house. It seems like you take it as seriously as we do. Excellent! 

2. You are well surrounded, help is on the way. 

Software quality is key, regardless of whether you make digital applications in-house or use some digital applications to run all your processes as smoothly as possible. There are always bugs and they appear in all kinds of situations. For example, it is crucial for every business to have a quality CRM that acts as a basis for accounting. 

More often than not, we see ‘indirect’ IT organizations. The company produces physical products and thus needs lots of digital applications for their production and/or internal operations (accounting, internal communications, human resources, etc.). Due to the amount of software and hardware needed to run the company, the company has already established an in-house IT organization. Developers make up the majority of the team. 

If you recognize yourself in this profile, we see you (and we can help you). Do you have (or don’t have) some software testing profiles in-house and still suffer from bugs or an overload of work (who doesn’t?). You need temporary help with some testing work (manual, automation, functional)? One of our consultants can help you. If the testing work is insufficient for a full-time position but must be executed, flex testing may be the solution. In a nutshell, Brightest provides fixed rate, fixed duration, remote testing infrastructure. You can read more about it here.

3. Brightest helps you out  

Things aren’t going as well as planned. You’re logging bugs, developers don’t have time to look at them, or you don’t have technical experts in-house and need a partner to help you get back on track. 

Brightest has a large network in the IT sector. We can perform an assessment ourselves first, our BrightScan, to get a picture of the IT-organization as a whole (applications, processes, people, issues, needs, etc.). We then use this as a baseline to create a roadmap for a well-functioning IT-organization and applications. If you require assistance with the implementation and execution of this roadmap, we can provide the appropriate profiles (also if this requires collaboration with another company, such as development or web design…). We are confident that as a member of the Gumption Group, we can assist you in a variety of situations. 

4. You are all good vintage lover 

We’re curious about the type of company that doesn’t use any software, but we’re excited to get to know you. If you are a vintage enthusiast today but want to implement a new application tomorrow, please contact us. The shift-left approach is the basis for good software quality. Include software quality (specialists) from the beginning of the project. Mapping the risks from the start will save money and time later on. Software testers, also known as software quality experts, have experience with tooling and applications and can guide you to safe and high-quality software. It doesn’t always have to be long consultancy tracks; we are always available to assist you in selecting a high-quality (test automation) tooling or partners. As said above, we are confident that as a member of the Gumption Group, we can assist you in a variety of situations. 

To conclude 

We hope that all of this has given you some insight into what software quality entails and how you can evaluate the status of your software quality. If this blog has piqued your interest, but you’re still not convinced that software quality can add value to your organization, feel free to contact us.