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ERP Testing

How to make ERP testing less complex?

Posted by: Berte Verhoeven
Category: ERP testing
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the backbone of many organizations. They provide critical support for finance, human resources, supply chain management, and other functions. As these systems become more complex, testing them thoroughly seems to become increasingly difficult.

But it shouldn’t be difficult. To ensure that ERP systems function as intended, it is important to leverage the power of modern test automation and data virtualization.

Two tips for you

1. The importance of test automation

Test automation is a process in which tests are automated and run without manual intervention. This is particularly important in ERP testing, as the size and complexity of ERP systems make manual testing impractical. Automated testing provides consistent and repeatable results, which are critical for ensuring the reliability and stability of ERP systems. Additionally, automated testing reduces the time required for testing and eliminates the possibility of human error. All of this provides more accurate results.

2. The value of data virtualization

Data virtualization is a technology that enables organizations to access data from multiple sources as if it were stored in a single location. This is particularly useful in ERP testing. It eliminates the need to create dedicated test data. Instead, you can use data virtualization to create virtual test data on-demand. As a result time and effort required for testing is reduced. Additionally, data virtualization provides a secure and isolated environment for testing, this ensures that production data is protected.


ERP systems are critical to the success of many organizations. It is essential that they are tested thoroughly to ensure their reliability and stability. Test automation and data virtualization are two key technologies that can help organizations achieve this goal. By automating tests and creating virtual test data, organizations can save time, reduce costs, and increase the accuracy of their ERP testing efforts.

Written by Dean Bodart