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Short description:

A practical 2-day course, focusing on test automation with Protractor and Jasmine on Angular and non-Angular web applications.  Once you’ve learned the typescript basics you will understand the advantages of using typescript.  You will learn how Protractor works and how you can locate elements and use them to automate your tests by writing typescript code.  The second day we will automate our tests in a more structured way, using a page object model, and we will learn how we can easily generate reports and how we can combine ourUI test with an API request.

Quick info:

  • Protractor
  • Jasmine
  • Page objects
  • JavaScript/Typescript
  • Jasmine Reporting
  • Protractor API

Who might want to attend this course?

  • Everyone with interest in testing and test automation
  • Anyone who wants to learn Protractor in combination with Angular applications
  • Basic programming knowledge is a prerequisite
  • JavaScript/Typescript knowledge is an advantage

Key takeaways?

At the end of this course you will know the basics of Protractor and will be able to write your own automated tests using Typescript and Protractor within a Jasmine framework.  You will learn how to structure your tests using a Page Object Model and how you can easily report the test results.


  • 2-day course
  • Dutch or English. Course materials in English


Price: €900 excl. VAT, incl. sandwich lunch and course material. BYOD.

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    Functional test automation with Protractor and Jasmine on Angular and non-Angular web applications. Understand & apply typescript code.