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Our goal is to reduce the shortage in adequate technical software quality profiles by training people to become specialists during an ambitious forty-week ‘SwITch’ trajectory.

After receiving an in-depth training on IT basics and software quality, SwITch trainees kick-start their career as a software quality consultant. We have created this challenging course for those with the right attitude and motivation to redirect and school them into what we call a BrighT-shaped profile: consultants who both understand business needs and shape the company’s future while working in agile teams, which requires a more technical skill set.

At Brightest we focus on interpersonal qualities. Candidates for SwITch need to be spontaneous, socially skilled and entrepreneurial. A degree in IT isn’t necessary but it is important, however, that you can demonstrate your profound interest in computer science with the help of some tangible examples.

An ambitious forty-week ‘SwITch’ trajectory to train people to become QA specialists by an in-depth training on IT basics and software quality.