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Test Automation

Software test automation increases the application’s time-to-market, quality and coverage. In today’s fast-to-market world, efficient software test automation is indispensable.

Software test automation is one of our core competences. Our community of technical consultants are experts in utilising a wide range of test automation tools. In continuous delivery environments, test automation is a key part of the process. We can assist you in finding the most appropriate test automation tool(s) tailored to your specific needs, in a pragmatic and cost-efficient way.


The key to effective testing, is automation.

Our test automation expertise can be applied for:

  • Functional test automation for native, web or mobile applications
  • Test automation on API level
  • Non-functional test automation to measure performance of any type of application or service

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Key Challenges for mobile test automation

There are four key challenges that differentiate mobile testing. These are the main barriers to overcome if your mobile testing plan is to end in success.

Mobile apps are expected to run on a wide variety of different devices, often running a number of different OS versions. With Android, you also have to factor in individual manufacturer UI’s. The number of possible permutations is intimidating.

The performance of a device’s network can have a huge impact on the user’s experience with an app. This is another factor beyond the hardware and software that, nevertheless, must be taken into consideration for testing scenarios.

How we interact with (touch)screens is still evolving and a clever user interface design is essential if you want to create an app that people can pick up and use intuitively. Look beyond the functional aspects of the app and consider usability.

As mobile testing is still in its infancy the tools at your disposal are limited when compared to traditional testing. There is an evolving arsenal of tools available for mobile testers who know where to find them.

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