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Sometimes you just need someone to: point your organization or team in the right direction, to bring new insights and quickly add expertise. Our (software testing) coaching-team can help you out with all of that!

How can we help?

Software testing coaching unlocks your full potential to maximize efficiency and growth. 

  • Is your organization struggling to make the switch to an agile way of working? 
  • Are you having trouble finding the right tools to automate your software delivery pipeline?
  • Do you or your organisation need new insights on software testing? 
  • Are you in need of some expert testing advice to get you started again or working more efficiently?

How does it work?

Usually a (software testing) coachings trajectory starts with a Brightscan, which is an assessment of your IT- and/or software quality organization.
The coachingstrajectory itself afterwards focuses on implementing the roadmap that was delivered at the end of the Brightscan.

Practically one of our specialist will guide you through the roadmap and assists you step-by-step regarding test management strategy, tooling,….

So, if you need hands-on coaching on a specific topic, you’ve found the right partner to help you (read a customer case here) . At Brightest, several experienced coaches are at your disposal.

Just tell us what you need, and we will surely be able to help you!    →