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Software Testing is our core business. All Brightest employees are certified professionals, in favor of a pragmatic and efficient approach.

By empowering our employees, we keep a unique focus in a community of technical and experienced consultants. We gather software testing knowledge and share it with our customers in order to excel together.

By delivering top quality services with a team of passionate people, we help companies reach their ambitions and focus on quality concerns.

Brightest Consulting Passsion

A good tester always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.

In a fast-paced world with high customer expectations, we offer expertise in guarding software quality in both a traditional and agile context. Cost-effective software quality requires more than just testing skills. Together with the customer, we apply a holistic approach and focus our efforts on high return on investment.

We believe that to be on top of things, you should lead and never follow. That is why we have a strong focus on trends, innovation and its challenges for software delivery.

Challenges for Software Engineering

Software is more and more pervasive and it can’t be considered as a minor element of a complex system anymore. In domains like cloud, big data and IoT (Internet of Things), it is the core element.

  • Software design
  • Implementation
  • Sofware quality
  • Lifecycle mgmt

Software engineering challenges can in essence be reduced to four challenges.

  • Software design and novel software engineering approaches.
  • Software implementation (and virtualisation, distributed applications & services), the associated security and delivery challenges.
  • Quality challenges, such as collaboration driven software development and testing processes.
  • Application lifecycle management. Interconnect software engineering and DevOps approaches to support of continuous deployment
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