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Flex testing

As more and more business processes and ‘things’ are digitalizeddemands on IT departments are increasing, whilst budgets are often being cutFlex testing provides our customers the test organisation, processes and environment to address major testing challenges and achieve fast and qualitive results for their solutions. 

Brightest offers an end-to-end fully customized service, where we take over the software testing responsibility at enterprise or programme level, for organisations who want to achieve high-quality cost-effective solutions without the overhead expense and day-to-day responsibilities and without losing overall control.

Let’s excel together!

Flex testing @Brightest, customized depending on the customer’s need:

  • Structured testing service.
  • Test Management and reporting.
  • Flexible scale up or down of testing professionals depending on business need.
  • Testing team with solid technological know-how and/or sector-specific expertise.
  • Specialist skills like test automation, mobile testing, performance testing, …
  • KPIs aligned with business objectives.
  • ‘Shift Left’ approach applied for continuous delivery.

 Flex testing benefits:

  • Reduced total cost of testing.
  • Measurable quality improvements: prevention of high-severity defects and faster time-to-market.
  • Inserting testing skills into your organisation and ensuring quality across your IT organisation or development team(s).

Business-driven Flex testing:

  • Our experienced professional testers follow proven test methodologies and approaches, and are cross trained in multiple technologies, industry best practices and innovations. All this ensures a high standard of quality and maximizes efficiency.
  • Time and costs are kept under control throughout the testing lifecycle.
  • A fixed core team is assigned to monitor, maintain and reuse your organisation’s collected testing knowledge. This team can be scaled on demand.
  • Scalable and organized customer test teams, tools and environments to provide end-to-end testing capabilities that can be adapted to meet customers’ changing needs.
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