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Berte Verhoeven
53 years ago
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02 Feb
Technical Thursday
The importance of phishing awareness

The recent cyberattacks in the cities of Antwerp and Diest have once again emphasized the importance of IT security. The attackers used phishing to get inside the system and to steal personal data. But what is phishing and how can we help you preventing it?

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26 Dec
Software quality wish list and new year’s resolutions

At Brightest we like sharing and caring. So, in that spirit, let me share with you some inspiration for your Xmas wish list or NY resolutions.

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22 Dec
brightest day-5
Tous Ensemble

Wat startte als een zot idee, eindigde in een prachtige dag voor de ganse #Brighcrew. Het was geweldig om te zien dat echt het hele team genoot van deze dag, waarbij oude banden opnieuw werden versterkt en veel nieuwe connecties werden gelegd.

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12 Dec
Make the right decisions regarding QA to reduce costs

Improving your QA maturity appears to be a simple task, but it's often not the case. Read here how we can help your organisation with our BrightScan.

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01 Dec
Technical Thursday
What to look for when choosing the right test management tool?

Learn what to look for when choosing the right test management tool for your team or organization. An overview of five criteria.

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23 Nov
Success factors for selecting and implementing COTS or SaaS software

COTS and SaaS products are ready-to-use software systems. Firstly, we take a closer look at the differences between COTS and SaaS systems. After that, we talk about how to successfully implement them within your organization. This will help your organization make informed software purchasing decisions for years to come.

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17 Nov
K & P-min
7 lessen na evenveel jaar ondernemen

Na zeven jaar ondernemen trekt Pieter Chiau zeven lessen. Kom hier te weten welke en wie weet pas je deze in de toekomst zelf toe.

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15 Nov
artikel cover Black friday
Countdown to Black Friday. But is your website ready?

Now in a global market with growing E-commerce importance, these black Fridays are a challenge. More shoppers are leaving their cars in the garage and buy online. So the question for companies is whether their website or application is up for the job, how to prevent it from slowing down or even crashing.

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03 Nov
Technical Thursday
Is the Shift-Left approach a way to tackle the looming recession?

A Gartner survey found that there will be an increase in IT spendings in 2023, despite of the recession. As IT budgets are being allocated as we speak, you may be interested on how implementing a shift-left testing approach. It can help you tackle the recession and hopefully make your company recession proof.

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