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Test automation

Berte Verhoeven
53 years ago
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22 Mar
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5 tips for ERP test data management

The implementation of proper test data management is essential for ERP landscapes. But preparing and managing test data has some challenges. Find our 5 best practices for it here.…

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09 Mar
ERP testing
How to make ERP testing less complex?

ERP systems are the backbone of many organizations. They are very complex, so in-depth ERP testing is important. Here are 2 tips that can help.…

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08 Mar
Why more women should work in software testing

On this international women’s day we would like to focus on women in software testing. And why they are perfect for the job!…

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23 Feb
3 reasons why you should invest in professional ERP testing

Like many others, you are now either adopting an entirely new Enterprise Resource Planning system or you are lifting your current on-premise ERP to the Cloud. Did you know that around 60% of ERP projects fail with inadequate (ERP) testing…

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26 Dec
Software quality wish list and new year’s resolutions

At Brightest we like sharing and caring. So, in that spirit, let me share with you some inspiration for your Xmas wish list or NY resolutions.…

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29 Jun
test automation framework visual
Waarom je een test automation framework moet gebruiken

Talk of the town: het test automation framework (TAF). Maar wat is een test automation framework? Hoe kan het jouw organisatie helpen? En waarom hebben we ons eigen Brightest Framework ontwikkeld? Je ontdekt het hier allemaal.…

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02 Jun
Technical Thursday about K6
Playwright, a new competitor for web automation

Playwright by Microsoft is the newest addition to the Headless Browser Testing frameworks. It is built by the same team which created Puppeteer, the headless browser testing framework for Google Chrome.…

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05 May
Technical Thursday about K6
Agile automated testing

Agile allows you to deliver new features faster and more efficiently. But how can we assure the quality of those new features?…

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07 Apr
Technical Thursday about K6
Page Object Model: Healthy code makes healthy tests

Automation frameworks are gaining popularity as a solution for automating complex applications. One of the main problems using a scripted automation framework is maintenance. The Page Object Model (POM) creates a layer of abstraction between the automated tests and the…

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