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52 years ago
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05 Nov
Technical Thursday
DevTools must-have knowledge for a tester

Since testing is becoming more and more technical, these developer tools are not only interesting for developers, but also for testers. In this post we will be sharing some DevTools features which might benefit you as a tester. In the beginning the DevTools UI might be overwhelming, but if you take your time to get familiar with some of the tabs, you will discover that it will definitely boost your productivity.

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23 Oct
We can be heroes led visual
Flex testing

Van dale gaat elk jaar op zoek naar het woord van het jaar. Voor ons mag dat gerust “flexibiliteit” zijn. Ook al gaat het niet over een “nieuw” woord, toch omschrijft het 2020 in al zijn facetten. Met dit als inspiratie doopten we onze nieuwe solution “Flex testing”, hier lees je er alles over.

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30 Sep
Technical Thursday
An introduction in using IoC containers in test automation

In this episode of technical Thursday we look at the concepts of dependency injection and inversion of control. You will learn how to make your life as an automation engineer simpler by using Autofac. This manages your dependencies so that you don’t have to worry on how your solution should be tied up to work correctly! Stay tuned!

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07 Sep
screen with code
The must-have skills for a software tester

A software tester needs to find bugs simple as that. Sounds easy, is not! This blogpost gives you a shortlist of must-have software tester skills.

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26 Aug
experts visual
Cost-efficient Software Testing. Where to start?

An initial investment is necessary to guarantee a cost-efficient and effective way of software testing. The million-dollar question emerges: when does an organisation need to make this investment and where to start?

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06 Aug
Technical Thursday
How to automate test management

How do we recognize a good test management tool and are there really that many differences?

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04 Jun
Technical Thursday
Robot Framework

Robot Framework is slowly becoming more popular and is sometimes even referred to as the hero of test automation. But what is it exactly and how can we use Robot Framework to our benefit?

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02 Apr
Technical Thursday
How to use Nginx in software testing

Apart from being a web server, Nginx has many faces. Mostly it is used as a reverse proxy but next to that we can see a clear connection with testing and test automation. In this article we learn you how to use this tool for testing purposes.

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08 Mar
Brightest ladies
Why more women should work in software testing

So today, I’ll talk about us ladies, who are still – sadly enough – underrepresented in the technology industry. I’ll be frank, with this blog I hope to seduce them to work in the technology sector, and more specifically lure them towards a career in Software Testing using some typical clichés about women. Note: I tried my very best not to judge the clichés themselves, even though I totally disagree with most of them of course.

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